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I’m Domita White

I’m Domita White, and I am passionate about empowering authors to share their thoughts and creativity with the world through their writings.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with numerous talented individuals, helping them navigate the intricacies of the publishing world and bring their stories to life. I firmly believe that every life matters. I understand the power of storytelling and its impact on both the author and the reader. That’s why I have built a company to help individuals who may find themselves behind bars. I recognize the inherent talent and potential that exist within these individuals and aim to showcase their voices and creative writing to a broader audience

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Some people say that they’ve never met anyone like me. I am just like anyone else. But, I see myself as DISTINCT; an exception to the rule. And this does not in any way make me better than anyone else, but DIFFERENT. Because my heart is to serve EVERYONE wholeheartedly and with no ulterior motive.

God gave me THE STONES WILL CRY OUT based on Luke 19:40. (“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”)

God anointed me to do this advocacy. And because of this, I will not compromise it nor allow anyone to jeopardize it. My mission is to love, assist, serve, and to do whatever He commands me to do. And so for that, I will continue to be distinct, separate, un-common, but ANOINTED with authority like JESUS!


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Kidz Kroniclez is a platform where children can express their creative thoughts and ideas. Whether they want to publish their stories, or highlight their creativity in our blog or podcast, Kidz Kroniclez is the place for them to be!




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By providing a platform for incarcerated men and women to share their stories, we allow them to find strength and purpose in their journey. Writing becomes a lifeline, allowing them to express their emotions, reflect on their experiences, and connect with others facing similar challenges. It’s a way for them to transcend the physical confines of their situation and speak directly to the hearts and minds of readers outside the prison walls.


When these talented voices from behind bars are given a chance to shine, they inspire hope and resilience in others struggling. They feed their spirits and speak life into someone else’s situation by sharing their stories. Their words can touch hearts, spark change, and encourage personal growth and transformation.


Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to break down the barriers that often separate incarcerated individuals from the rest of society. We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every human being, regardless of their past mistakes or current circumstances. By providing a platform for their creative expression, we foster empathy, understanding, and compassion between individuals on both sides of the prison walls.


Our team works closely with these writers, offering guidance, support, and resources to help them refine their craft and reach a wider audience. We understand their unique challenges and strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment where their voices can be heard and celebrated.


So, whether you are an author seeking to share your unique perspective or a reader eager to explore the diverse narratives within our society, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, let us embrace the power of storytelling and celebrate every individual’s inherent worth and creativity because all lives matter.


Together, let’s amplify voices, ignite change, and bring life to the world through the art of writing.

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My Top 5 Episodes

Domita does a remarkable job breaking down the steps for creating a passion-filled life and business.

Mell Robbins